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“I just want to be wonderful.” – Marilyn Monroe

Wednesday Wishlist


I’m obsessed with Community. I really like this shirt because it’s not too obvious but for anyone that watches Community it is pretty clear. Society6 always does a great job and they have a huge variety of artists. I have a Fight Club t-shirt and a Royal Tenenbaums laptop skin and t-shirt and they are awesome. And they print on American Apparel t-shirts which are super comfy .


Even though these John Green prints aren’t released until October, this one is already sold out. This is my favourite quote from The Fault In Our Stars. I ordered this print instead. (I’m not sure how to make links into just one word yet, sorry)


Since I work at a bed and breakfast and we obviously have random people in the kitchen all time, I don’t have my own kitchen things here for two reasons, 1) I’m not allowed, 2) I don’t want random people using all my pretty green kitchen things that I’ve spent time collecting. This dish rack would be perfect in my future home with all my other green stuff.


This is the nerdfighter lapel pin from that was just released, and I really love it. I really like the vlogbrothers and everything they stand for.


Lately I’ve been wearing almost only dresses. I find them to be super comfortable and flattering. And since it’s getting colder, I can wear them with flats or boots. I really like shopping at Old Navy. I find that their clothes usually fit better than anywhere else and they have (usually) reasonable prices.

I do hope everyone is having a lovely hump day. Spend your Wednesdays wishing.

reading recommendation: kasher in the rye – moshe kasher


“I mean, look at me – I’m as fit as a fucking fiddle!” – Marilyn Bartlett

Let me introduce you to two of my babies. Troy and Abed. Up until this weekend, they lived at the bed and breakfast with me, but my boss believed they were too unsanitary (crazy, as I clean the house all the time, but whatever) so they now live at my mom’s house. Which is fine, as I spend a lot of time there anyways. I named them after Troy and Abed from Community, one of my favourite TV shows. In Community Troy and Abed are best friends and my kitties are best buddies as well. Troy loves to cuddle and lay on the bed with me. Abed is more outgoing and he likes to rub up against the dogs and other cats. I really love them. They’ve slept on my bed every night and they’re always at the door when I get home. We have two other cats at my mom’s house and they’re having a bit of a hard time adjusting but I’m sure they’ll come around. I get really attached to animals and for a while I was afraid that when I stopped working at the bed and breakfast I would never see my kitties again, but this is not case and I’m very happy that’ll I will have them forever.


Abed is the darker one and Troy has more white on him.

They always lay together and for some reason they really, really like sleeping in the bathroom sink. Whenever I leave the door open, I always find them in there.

reading recommendation: a total waste of makeup – kim gruenenfelder

“I think we’re just gonna to have to be secretly in love with each other and leave it at that, Richie.” – Margot Tenenbaum

I apologize because this post and last are both talk-y, list-y posts. But I really like lists. And talking. I graduated in June 2012. It’s now September 2012. It has only been three months since I left high school, but it really feels like a lifetime. For the first three and a half years of high school, I was unhappy. I hated going to school, I hated getting out of bed, I hated devoting my nights to homework. I dreamed of the days when I could leave and never come back, when I could do whatever I wanted. In the middle of grade eleven I made some beyond amazing new friends and started hanging out with a new group of people. I love those people. Grade twelve came around and I was able to take classes that I wanted to take and teachers treated me with more respect. I had the best year of my short life. I took Sociology and learned more about life and the ‘real world’ than I did in four years of boring classes. I relished in doing my homework because it didn’t feel like work. I stopped missing classes because I actually wanted to learn. I joined committees. I had fun. High school is over. I’m working two jobs that I really don’t care for and I watch a lot of daytime television. Don’t get me wrong, being able to do whatever I want is nice. I sleep in past seven, I can walk downtown and the stores aren’t closed by the time I get there, and I don’t wake up in the middle of the night worrying about an assignment I didn’t finish. I don’t want to go back to high school, but I still really miss it.

Why I Miss High School So Much: Volume I

– Simplicity

– Best teachers in the entire world (serious)

– Classes that I actually learned important things in

– Being forced to think outside the box

– Sewing class. Sure, I can sew whenever I want, but I miss listening to Project Runway while 15 of us sat at sewing machines, or knitted

– Seeing friends every day

– Structure and routine

– Cafeteria food. We actually had awesome cafeteria food. Now I just eat Mr. Noodles

– Not having to defend myself because I’m not enrolled in university


There are some good things about being done high school and not in university.

Why I Don’t Miss High School So Much:

– Teachers that (for lack of a better word) suck at teaching

– Seeing assholes everyday

– I can sleep in during the week!

– I can watch daytime television!

– I have time to blog!

– No homework

I have one piece of cliched advice for anyone still in high school. Enjoy it while you’re there, because it goes by too fast and then it’s over. On an unrelated note, I’m very excited because the old school cinema in my town is having a one night showing of Moonrise Kingdom. I’m a huge Wes Anderson fan (thanks to my Sociology class..) and I was really upset when the cineplex didn’t play the movie because it was too ‘film festival-y’. So I’m finally going to see it and I’ve heard it’s a great movie and I’m really happy it’s finally being played here.


“tiny: but there is the word, this word phil wrayson taught me once: weltschmerz. it’s the depression you feel when the world as it is does not line up with the world as you think it should be. i live in a big goddamned weltzschermz ocean, you know? and so do you.” – David Levithan

Sometimes my thoughts take over my brain and I cannot sleep because there is too much to think about. This happens more often than I would like to admit. I am fairly certain that I am not the only person here that has troubles with sleep on occasion. I’ve devised a list of things I do to help my brain slow down.

Things To Do When Your Thoughts Won’t Leave you: Volume I

– Read a fluffy book, nothing serious that’s going to make you think hard

– Watch a movie that you’ve already seen

– Listen to music and think of only the lyrics

– Watch your favourite TV show

– Pin everything that you find interesting on pinterest

– Find a good blog/tumblr and read all the pages

– Watch the vlogbrothers on youtube

– Watch anything on youtube

– Clean your room

– Do not think of all the things you must do tomorrow

– Turn off the lights and lay in bed. Think of all the beautiful places you want to one day visit.

– Do not facebook stalk everyone you know, this will make you think more

– Write a list of the things you must do/are worried about so you needn’t think of them until morning

– Journal. Write down every single thing in your mind. Once it’s on the paper it’s not in your mind.

– Watch the Breakfast Club

reading recommendation – fight club – chuck palahniuk

‘How you doin’?” -Joey Tribbiani

There are almost no shows that rival the classic, Friends. I am obsessed with it. I am obsessed with a lot of things, I suppose. I own every seasons of Friends and I continuously watch seasons 1-8 over and over again. I don’t usually watch seasons 9 and 10 because too many things change and season 10 is the end. I don’t like change and I don’t like endings. To quote Shel Silverstein, “There are no happy endings. Endings are the saddest part, So just give me a happy middle, And a very happy start.” I like that nothings really huge happens throughout the series. Nobody dies, nobody leaves, nobody gets replaced. I like the monotone nature of Central Perk. I like that Joey always sleeps with lots of girls. I like that Ross keeps getting divorced. I like that I don’t have to wait through the summer and worry about what’s going to happen in the season premiere. There are other TV shows that I really love (Community), but Friends is show I always go back to. I’ve seen all the episodes enough times that I don’t need to completely pay attention when I’m watching (Friends is on in the background as I write this), but if I want to, I can become comepletely immersed in an episode. And another episode. And another.

Favourite Episodes: The One With All The Candy, The One Where Rachel Quits

reading recommendation – such a pretty girl – laura wiess

“Tonight is when the obscene becomes the acceptable.” – Laura Wiess

So, my friends Kelsey and Brenden got married today. I went to school with both of them and work with Kelsey. It was an exceptional wedding. Kelsey looked beyond beautiful and Brenden cried while he was saying his vows! And then I cried. They’re having a baby this November and I couldn’t be more happy for them. They are too cute. The wedding was at Brenden’s grandparents house and property and the weather was perfect.


reading recommendation: will grayson, will grayson -john green

“we accept the love we think we deserve” – Stephen Chbosky

I’m not an accomplished cook. I make the same things over and over and I mostly throw ingredients together in a bowl and hope for the best. One of the dishes that I’ve made continuously since I tried it is pasta salad. It’s delicious. I usually make a huge bowl and have it for lunch for a week. Make sure you let the pasta cool, so that it is not steaming, before you add the other ingredients in, or else the cheese will melt and everything will stick together.

I usually put chopped, cheese, green onion and ham into it. And sometimes bacon bits, when I’m feeling really unhealthy.

For sauce I just use Kraft Caesar Dressing and Mrs Dash All Spice.

I mix all the cheese, green onion and ham wth the pasta first and then add the dressing and spices.

Once you’re done you have an awesome, easy to make pasta salad.

I’m going to a wedding this afternoon! Ill have great pictures tomorrow, it should be a blast. Happy Sunday to all.

“You met me at a very strange time in my life.” -Fight Club

Now that we’ve graduated and neither of us are going back to school right away, my friend Ashley and I decided to do weekly adventures. We want to make sure that we get out of the house besides just going to work. Backstory on Ashley: we’ve known each other since kindergarten, and we were friends for a while in grade school. Then we weren’t. For no reason in particular. Then in grade 11, we took French and ended up sitting together. And the rest is history. Today we did some shopping, had lunch, then went a local park to take pictures. This was our first time taking pictures of each other, hence the awkwardness. Hopefully our poses will eventually get less weird. There was a random old man, who was mostly naked, on a motorized scooter, yelling around the park. It was weird.

what i wear:

jean jacket: thrifted

purple patterned dress: thrifted

white t-shirt: old navy

purple flip flops: old navy

I have a blister on the back of heel, hence the band-aid and lack of real shoes. 😦

what ashley wears:

jeans: old navy

top: american eagle

tank top: bootlegger

flip-flops: wal-mart

Once we were done with out shopping and pictures, we decided to go to the beach. Ashley’s a baby and she didn’t want to swim, but I frolicked in the water for a while. I swear, I was a fish in another life. Or I just want to be a fish in my next.  

Hopefully everyone’s having lovely friday.

reading recommendation: saving francesca -melina marchetta

“It’s strange because sometimes, I read a book, and I think I am the people in the book.” – Stephen Chbosky

There are few things in the world I like more than reading. I started reading in grade school and I’ve never stopped. I used to get all my books from the library, but I never read them within the alloted time and it became cheaper to just buy the books than pay all the late fees. Now I have my own little library collection. And by little, I mean I have, at last count, over 1,500 books. I obsess over books, over authors, over characters that I can’t wait to read about again. I have no problem at all spending an entire day reading. It’s not unusual for me to stay up until 3am because I need to finish my book. Sometimes I read books that make me think and feel and cry, and someties I read books that are light and fluffy and I know will end happily. I reread most of my books, which is another reason why it’s handy to own all my stories. I like thinking that other people have read the same books I’ve read, they’ve cried over the same characters, waited (im)patiently for the next book in the series to be released. I own an e-reader, and while it is handy for travelling and books are usually cheaper that way, I love holding a novel in my hands. There is no other feeling like it.









reading recommendation: the fault in our stars – john green

“But it is the nature of stars to cross, and never was Shakespeare more wrong than when he has Cassius note, ‘The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars / But in ourselves.” – John Green

I’m Erin.

I read.

I craft.

I thrift.

I shop.

I sew.

I knit.

I somewhat frequently acquire new tattoos.

I watch a lot of television.

I play with my cats.

I occasionally bake.

I quote a lot things, a lot.

I’m inspired by other blogs. Let me inspire you.


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