“we accept the love we think we deserve” – Stephen Chbosky

I’m not an accomplished cook. I make the same things over and over and I mostly throw ingredients together in a bowl and hope for the best. One of the dishes that I’ve made continuously since I tried it is pasta salad. It’s delicious. I usually make a huge bowl and have it for lunch for a week. Make sure you let the pasta cool, so that it is not steaming, before you add the other ingredients in, or else the cheese will melt and everything will stick together.

I usually put chopped, cheese, green onion and ham into it. And sometimes bacon bits, when I’m feeling really unhealthy.

For sauce I just use Kraft Caesar Dressing and Mrs Dash All Spice.

I mix all the cheese, green onion and ham wth the pasta first and then add the dressing and spices.

Once you’re done you have an awesome, easy to make pasta salad.

I’m going to a wedding this afternoon! Ill have great pictures tomorrow, it should be a blast. Happy Sunday to all.


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