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“Caring doesn’t sometimes lead to misery. It always does.” – John Green

30 Days of Books

Day 15 – favourite book dealing with foreign culture

13 Little Blue Envelopes – Maureen Johnson. Ginny, the protaganist, goes around Europe, following letters from her dead aunt. Good stuff. Also, Maureen Johnson made of awesome.


“I feel infinite.” – Stephen Chbosky


Can I please just say that Stephen Chbosky is a freakin’ genius.

I just got home from watching the Perks of Being a Wallflower. I absolutely love it.

I was a bit afraid when I heard that the book was going to be turned into a movie. Then I heard that Stephen Chbosky, who wrote the book, was writing the screenplay AND directing the film and I was very excited. I’m not gonna lie, I cried a lot. This book is so important to me. And this movie is just so amazing. Like, there are no others words besides: ewgniRNgtujhywewg0qongi so good.



reading recommendation: the perks of being a wallflower – stephen chbosky


“You can love someone so much, he thought. But you can never love people as much as you can miss them.” – John Green

30 Days of Books

Day 14- a book you think should be on a high school required reading list

Anything John Green. I think his books are important. I would especially say The Fault in Our Stars or Will Grayson, Will Grayson. TFiOS is wonderfully written, heartbreaking and hilarious at the same time. It’s about two teenagers that have cancer and how kids with cancer can still be smart and witty and they are not their disease.  John Green wrote Will Grayson, Will Grayson with David Levithan, so there are two narrators. I think this book is really important for high school aged people because it talks about a lot things. One of the narrators is gay, one is straight. It has plenty of different relationships and nobody dies, which is always a plus. I think that John Green is a fantastic writer and all of his novels are important to read.

“That’s the thing about people who mean everything they say. They think everyone else does too.” Khaled Hosseini

30 Days of Books

Day 13 – favourite childhood book

Junie B. Jones. I read them all. Loved them. There’s also another series that I loved. I can’t remember what they were about or what they were called (obviously I really liked them), but I know I still have them somewhere so I’ll look and find them.

“We’re all pretty bizarre. Some of us are just better at hiding it, that’s all.’ – The Breakfast Club

Why I Loved Pitch Perfect


This movie was so awesome. So awesome. I love all of it. I have such a huge crush on Skylar Austin’s character, Jesse, that I wish he was real, so I could marry him. The Breakfast Club is a theme throughout the movie. Which makes it even better. There’s a fat girl in it, a fat girl who owns being fat, Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson is the shit). Obviously this movie is about music, but the music numbers were really, really awesome. Christophe Beck (who has done the music for some of my all-time favourite movies) did the score, along with Mark Kilian. Anna Kendrick’s character, Bella, has tattoos. This movie does a really good job of making nerdy college things seem really awesome and fun. Lulu and the Lampshades’ song “Cups”. All these random, completely different girls that become friends. All this awesomeness. Benji, who is weird and nerdy and different and totally deserved a bigger role. The togetherness. Crap.  I get all all happy and euphoric after a good movie ends.

The Ending. So awesome.

“Screws fall out all the time, the world is an imperfect place.” – The Breakfast Club

My Top Five Favourite Movies:

Royal Tenenbaums: Or really anything Wes Anderson, but the Royal Tenenbaums is my favourite. Moonrise Kingdom was superb as well, but I’ve only seen it once, so Tenenbaums is at the top. I first watched this movie in my Sociology class and I was so in love. All the characters are obviously and deeply flawed and a bit over the top. It’s just so imperfectly perfect. The soundtrack is amazing. Wes Anderson always has great soundtracks. I love Margot and Richie. I love it all.


Amelie: I don’t usually watch foreign films or anything with subtitles (except sometimes I watch Friends with French subtitles when I want to study up on French), but Amelie is great. The colours and the way each scene is shot is awesome. It’s a really long movie, but it’s worth it because you need all those minutes to get the whole storyline in.


Charlie Bartlett: I loved this before I really loved movies. Up until this year, I didn’t really like watching movies. I’d rather watch an episode of something on the television or read a book. After we watched some really awesome movies in Sociology, I got into movies. But even before all that, I loved Charlie Bartlett. I’m pretty sure I just bought it on a whim because it was on sale at the video store and I had money in my pocket. I absolutely love it. I watch it all the time. I love Anton Yelchin’s character and I really like Kat Dennings in general. I like that Charlie is trying to help everyone. I like that it’s full of unlikely friendships, I like that it deals a bit with mental illness. I like Robert Downey Jr.


The Breakfast Club: I love the 80’s. Not in a wow-I-wish-I-was-alive-then way, because I like the internet a lot and modern hair styles. There’s something so simple about this movie but it also touchs on what high school is like. I like that it all takes place in one place. There are no costume changes, no extras, no disasters in the plot. Just good. I also really like Judd Nelson.


Fight Club: I did not think that I would like this movie. Again, I first watched this movie in Sociology. I was bad and read the plot on Wikipedia before class because I knew it was going to be hard to understand. But even knowing the ending, it was still great. Edward Norton is a great actor and the contrast between him and Helena Bonham Carter is great. I like that it messes with your head.


reading recommendation: an abundance of katherines – john green ( have I already said this one?)

“You don’t get to choose if you get hurt in this world…but you do have some say in who hurts you. I like my choices.” – John Green

30 Days of Books

Day 12 – a book so emotionally draining you couldn’t complete it or had to set it aside for a bit

I’m not really one for setting books aside or not finishing them unless I find them horrendously boring. I always need to know the ending. I read The Fault in Our Stars in one night, but I had to put it down more than once and turn on the television because I was crying so hard that I, a) couldn’t see the pages and b) was sobbing too hard think of anything besides tears. TFiOS is emotionally draining, but it’s also incredibly well-written and so touching. And I obviously love it. Sometimes if I feel like reading something sad, or feel like crying, I’ll just read the ending. I’m a bit odd. I think it’s okay.

“Well, great. Flowers look good in a pot.There are people dying in Uganda.” -Britta Perry

30 Days of Books

Day 11 – the book that made you fall in love with reading

I don’t remember not loving reading. I don’t remember not having books all around me. I don’t remember the first book I ever read. I just remember books.


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