“What a slut time is. She screws everybody.” – John Green

Why I Hate People in My Home

This is a rant. Sorry.

I’m not anti-social, I’m selectively social. I like to spend time with the people I know and like. People that are nice and considerate of my home. I do not like when there are too many people in my home*. I have a younger sister. She’s fifteen, and has people over all the time. During the day, this is fine. My mother is awake and around and the kids stay downstairs for the most part. But, my mother goes to bed fairly early and then all the kids come out to play. It’s ridiculous. Right now, there are drunk kids sleeping on all the couches in my house. They have no respect for someone else’s house, they eat all the food and they never shut up. These are people that make me anxious and paranoid and neurotic. I’m not kidding, a mere five minutes ago, after I made him a bed, a kid had the nerve to call me uptight. This is after I use two loaves of bread to make them toast and bring them water and give them something to sleep on and with. Which I find very rude. I like to be in control of things. When too many people are in a house, there is no control. This all gives me anxiety and I dislike it.

*I live in the bed and breakfast for the most part. When there are no guests at the bed and breakfast, I stay at my mom’s. Because it’s my home. I have my cats here, my dog likes it here, and I like it here.


reading recommendation: paper towns – john green


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