“Dear Jane, Just so you know: e. e. cummings cheated on both of his wives. With prostitutes. Yours, Will Grayson” – John Green

I consider myself to be somewhat of an introvert. And by somewhat, I mean I prefer the company of books to the company of other people most of the time. People think this is weird. More than once, people that I work with have asked me what I’m doing a Friday night and when I say staying in and reading or watching a movie and knitting, they seem shocked. It seems that everyone thinks that everyone loves to go out and be in social situations. I don’t. Now, I’m not saying I hate all people or I spend all of my time alone. I don’t. But when I do go out I prefer that it’s with a group of a few instead a group of many. I don’t hate all people, I just don’t like being around people for an extended period of time.

Why I Prefer to be Alone: Volume I

– I don’t have to talk to anyone

– I can read in peace

– TV shows usually go along awesomely

– I can’t offend anyone if no one is around

– Same goes for putting my huge feet in my mouth

– Nobody’s going to disappoint me with their words or actions

– It’s quiet

– I can think

– I pick the music

Why People Aren’t Always Bad: Volume I

– A person can’t listen to their own voice forever

– Jokes and laughter

– Books are fictional, life is not

– I don’t like to do every activity alone

reading recommendation: the last little blue envelope – maureen johnson


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